Ha Ha Hairies

Welcome to Hairyland – where life is one big Ha! Ha! Ha! Some time ago, a couple of slap-happy fairies had a little accident with their magic and turned the world hairy. They live in the Hairy Fairy Tree at the bottom of a garden. The garden belongs to a chaotically comic family, the Ha! Ha! Hairies, who always see the positive side of everything.

But up on the hill in Chateau Shampoo lives Boris Boo Hoo, our comedy baddie, and his son Boyzie. While Boyzie wants to join in with the antics of the happy hairy family, Boris is always trying to get one over on them. He's lazy, greedy, avaricious and jealous. And he hates laughter. But Boris' crazy, hilarious antics always go belly-up and he gets his commuppance.