Just How Big is Big?

One second of any type of animated imagery is equal to 28 frames of film. Think about it? Next time you are watching a cartoon, think about how many hours of painstaking creative time goes into every minute of production. ( Though with some animation you have to ask why they even bothered…)

Have you ever read the credits of a Disney movie and thought ‘well what on earth did all of these people do?’ Well now you know. They were the people moving parts of an image on screen one tiny piece at a time so that you see the whole as a seamless section of film.

But TV animation is no different. To get the level of animated perfection that Producers need in order to sell a series they are also wedded to the same number of frames per second. OK the backgrounds might not be as worked up as a movie, like the famous revolving backgrounds from Hanna Barbera where you saw the same tree as Scooby Doo and Shaggy were chased by yet another villain dressed as a ghost, but to get the animation to work properly you are still stuck with the same number of frames per second which is why the production of animation is so very expensive.

It is one of the most labour intensive forms of Cinematography.

There are over 400 hours of entertainment on the KidsCast App. That’s some 40 million plus pieces of finished creative work in order to make the 28 frames that makeup one second of animation. That’s a lot of work but then it keeps a lot of children (and grown-ups) happy.

So let’s show our appreciation toward all the animators, directors, producers, finance guys, distributors, agents, recording artists and musicians who for decades have brought fun, laughter, fear, awe and great storytelling into our homes and which is now readily available on demand at any time through Apps like KidsCast.

So just how big is big? Well, the KidsCast servers are holding trillions of bites, all just sitting there waiting to bring a big smile to your little ones face and a big smile to the guys who made it all work creating amazing moving art images for their enjoyment. I would say that’s pretty big?

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