Kids Still Love Building Blocks, You Just Don’t Know It

My favourite toy of all time is Lego. I loved it as a child and even as an adult if I get the chance dive into some child’s box of Lego I am straight in there, creating all those weird and wonderful spacecraft that somehow ended up in Star Wars movies. You can’t beat a good Lego sesh for a bit of creative fun and with so many building blocks to choose from you can pretty much make anything in almost any size these days so long as you have very very deep pockets.

Kids love building things out of blocks and that is exactly what a Voxel Game does and why the KidsCast App development team has spent months building a Voxel Game within its unique world of floating islands. So what’s a Voxel I hear you ask? Put simply is a virtual building block. Used originally in Science Labs to build 3D models of pretty much anything from a machine to a virus the idea migrated to Gaming platforms where it has become ubiquitously referred to as a Minecraft Game.

Kids can take the most basic blocks and over time build an entire world.

It’s sort of like a virtual Lego set that is never ending.

The great thing is that within KidsCast the Game is free to play so no expensive trips to the toy store to buy an add-on kit for the Lego box at home which has the habit of consuming new sets. Neither do you have to undergo trial by Lego brick in the middle of the night when you inadvertently stand on a piece which is invariably followed by a series of expletives and limp either to or from the toilet!

The expression ‘Voxel,’ is a partial acronym for ‘Volume,’ as in Box and ‘Element’ as in object. Other words within the digital world are Pixel and Texel. Unlike Polygons that can more effectively represent 3D images, Voxels have more limited capacity but they excel at representing regularly sampled space which makes them into perfect block builders.

It’s a quite compulsive type o

f gaming which is why KidsCast placed time limits for parents into the App so that it doesn’t become addictive. It is however tonnes of fun and there are always new things to discover.

KidsCast Voxel promotes creativity, spacial awareness, a sense of achievement and curiosity. Sometimes computer generated games get a bad press. But this isn’t a violent world that children are creating, it’s benign and interesting and most importantly happy. Like a good Lego build you get a feeling of satisfaction and can take pride in an achievement.



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