Let’s Talk About Viewing Habits

We live in strange times. We can’t really compare it to any other time in the known history of humanity. Some have likened it to the discovery of the wheel, others to the industrial revolution and the Spinning Jenny but frankly, those mighty technological leaps pale into insignificance when compared to the digital age in which we now live. A time which is coming to be known as ‘post consumerism’ as so much is now being driven online.

There is now an adult population which has entered the workplace which has no knowledge or recollection of the world before the Internet. These technologically advanced workers have a distinct advantage over the ageing population for whom the Digital World is deeply confusing if not impossible to comprehend.

So when we talk in terms of television this, along with the development of computing has had a critical role to play. Not so long ago in terms of historical timelines, there was just the BBC. There is still a population who remember a time before that when it was radio. When it started the BBC had very high ideals about what it was going to achieve and to this day I would say that it still remains the most trusted Broadcaster in the world. But above all things what the BBC did was to bring technology directly into the home. Though in those days, of course, you could only watch what was on the timed schedule and schedulers in the BBC were treated like Alchemists. It became an art form which was soon developed into a separate commercial outlet with the formation of ITV.

For a good number of years, the nation settled into its weekly routine of The Magic Roundabout just before the News at 6.00pm which marked ‘tea-time,’ in so many households. Saturday morning Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Saturday Night at the London Palladium. Massive stars like Jimmy Tarbuck and Bruce Forsyth, Morecambe and Wise and the centre of popular culture Top of The Pops.

Then came smartphones.

In the last 10 years TV has fractured into its constituent parts. I suppose it started with Satellite TV. Sky in particular, which made so many other channels available. But to a lesser degree, the old style of viewing habits was still there.

Smart Phones gave rise to Applications, apps opened up a whole new world and as the technology has become cheaper and more accessible the ‘audience,’ has become younger and younger. Now, this is all well and good. But going back to where it all started it was easier to manage viewing habits and expectations. Now it’s not so easy. For the tech-curious there is the Dark Web, a soulless and morally bankrupt environment which is a digital version of Dante’s Divine Comedy, ‘abandon hope all ye who enter here…’ Concerned p

arents worry about their children’s viewing habits and they are right to do so. Other areas of the Web appear on the face of it to be benign. You may see your child watching Peppa Pig but are you sure that the voice over is original? As there are versions of kids shows openly available which have been re-voiced with foul adult content.

So let’s talk about viewing habits. Everything is now On Demand. From catch-up TV to Cats and Dogs on YouTube. It’s all there ready to watch and a lot of it is free too. That might be attractive but it is very dangerous where children are concerned. The best thing to look out for are the Apps that curate content avoiding the free Apps which are full of advertising. With subscription Apps, where for a modest monthly subscription you are guaranteed that your kids are only watching appropriate material, albeit can do so On Demand, you are guaranteed a safe and secure platform. What we need to encourage are the Tech geniuses of tomorrow. They will be the children that end up saving the planet. The best we can do for them is foster some moral fortitude in viewing habits. A controlled and safe environment where they can be entertained and educated and that is what KidsCast is all about. We have implemented the technology of today to develop a mindset in children which will guarantee all of our tomorrows.

For a very modest subscription, we have taken all the worry about what children are actually doing on the internet, we have even included the ability for a parent to control screen time so that there is no danger of over stimulation. Fabulous content that is engaging, entertaining and educational. Baring a full-blown apocalyptic event, the digital world is here to stay. Better to embrace it and bend it to our will with some moral rectitude than allow it to be denigrated by nihilists. Better to bring up our children with a sensible attitude toward technology that can be used for the greater good.

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