Re-Building Babel

It is said that in Ancient Persia in an attempt to reach toward Heaven that the ancients built a great tower. A Ziggurat, in the City of Babel. It became known as the Tower of Babel. It is certainly true that the Ancient Persians built upwards, though I suspect that it wasn’t even half the size of Trump Tower.

In any event it wasn’t pleasing to God because they were trying to reach heaven, so it was destroyed by him, but (so the story goes), before the Tower was built everyone spoke the same language, and after the Tower was destroyed everyone spoke a different language and they were unable to communicate with each other. They could hear the sounds but it was if their friends, neighbours even the King were just ‘babbling,’ hence the word. The idea being, if you can’t communicate you can’t reach out to the heavens and build another Tower. But let’s not get political!

It is interesting that this story equates effective communication with power and learning, and at KidsCast we have just launched another new floating island which along with our friends at Lingokids, is helping younger children on the path to a new language or languages from an early age.

If you take the fear of a foreign language away and replace it with fun it’s remarkable just how quickly kids can start to build their metaphorical towers. It is certainly true that learning a language early builds new neural pathways and opens synapses which can only be a good thing?

So with lots of lovely learning tools, and at the same time a safe environment in which to be entertained, KidsCast is a great app, a huge amount of fun, easy to navigate, and presents an entire child centred online world.

…….and who knows, perhaps yours will go on to become a multiple language builder of Towers. Just don’t let them call it Babel if they do please.

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