Subscription Apps for Children are Better

Why on earth would anyone want to purchase a subscription to a Children’s SVOD(Subscription Video on Demand)* platform when you can get all you want for free on YouTube Kids?

The overarching concern of any parent should be online safety, frankly YouTube isn’t terribly picky about the type of material they put onto the web and some of it is completely unsuitable for small children but is accessible by them. That should be a main cause of worry.
Then there is the question of the ethics behind so-called free SVOD apps. As the old adage goes. Nothing is for free. The price you pay on ‘free’ platforms is intensive advertising of Toy and Game product which fuels demand for the toy industry. I am not taking a pop at these platforms but as a parent I simply don’t want my children’s choices made for them by unscrupulous advertisers essentially behind my back. Viewing habits tend to be more solitary pastimes. Put simply you haven’t got a clue what they are watching.

Curating an app for Children should be a serious business. Simply exposing kids to media that on the face of it seems to be targeted just does not cut it for all the reasons associated with safety on the internet which is why a paid for subscription to a reputable App will bring peace of mind and ensure the most treasured little person in your life is both entertained and educated at the same time.
KidsCast ticks all the boxes. Not just does it carry over 400 hours of premium televisual content, it has an expanding library of digital books, curated but current music content, a free magazine and an interactive platform of games all built into one safe space.
Children are growing up with the belief that the internet has no walls or boundaries and this simply isn’t true. Or rather for children under the age of majority this should not be true.

None of us would let a three year old wander aimlessly around a big city alone but yet because they are cocooned within our homes we think that they are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children need boundaries and free content cannot give them the four metaphorical walls they need to keep them safe online.

*Subscription Video On Demand is one way you can isolate your children within the internet, even setting time for interactivity with either unencumbered access or strict amounts of time per day. Of course we always suggest the latter which is why KidsCast has a timer built in, which is controlled by parents and guardians.

We love children’s media and we are passionate about it but at the same time we are responsible and recognise that overstimulation in the Young can have profound negative influences throughout childhood development. At the same time our children now live in a digital wold and there is no escaping it without seeming like a Luddite. A healthy, balanced approach to the consumption of media is as important as what children eat. It assists cognitive function and hand/eye motor coordination skillsets, it expands the mind and influences curiosity in the young and its affordable.

Little more than the cost of child’s magazine or comic book and it not a disposable item which means it has a ‘light,’ footprint on the ecosystem.

Children need to be stimulated, entertained and challenged but always in a safe and friendly environment. That is what KidsCast delivers.

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