We're on a mission to keep kids safe online,
while letting them have fun and learn at the same time

“We curate the KidsCast App with three imperatives in mind. Keeping children safe online. Providing a balanced mixture of entertainment and education. Sharing our income to create a better world, protecting wildlife, natural habitats and ultimately becoming a carbon neutral business. Safety, Edutainment, and Sustainability.”

Russell Neale Anthony Dever

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we have carefully curated over 800 hours of shows for KidsCast, featuring modern favourites like Everything's Rosie and Talking Tom, and classics like Sooty and Roobarb and Custard. You can be sure your little ones are watching content suitable for their age, with no advertisements, and even enjoy some shows from your own childhood too!


KidsCast features a wide variety of games that the kids will love. From playing KidsCast versions of classic mobile games to educational games that teach all about the natural world. New to the app is our block-building world, where they can let their creativity run wild in a safe environment and build anything they can imagine!


You can be confident that your little ones will learn something from KidsCast, with educational shows, games and books packed into the app. Whether it's learning new words with Lingokids, or animal names with our fun interactive games, KidsCast helps your kids to grow into future writers, scientists, artists or whatever else they dream of!